Sunday, April 3, 2011

- Where are You??-

hurm...risaunya...i can't reach him tru his mxis number..
awk tukar no ke my dear? ke awk block saya? ='(
da benci sangat ke awk kt saya? ='(
i faced all this things while my love for you stay still like before..='(
i love u as much as i love u in our happy time..and
it never been decreased even for 0.1%....='(

my dear.....i'm really sorry for all mistakes i've done...
but trust me my sweetie..i never meant to hurt you..='(
i try my best to make u happy..
but sometime..without i realize..i'm hurt u...
i'm really sorry for that...and i'm really sorry...

you know how much u mean to me? ='(
you know how important you are to me? ='(
please come back my sweetheart...please....='(
i really miss u....='((

1:52, 4/4/2011

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