Tuesday, April 19, 2011

- my ONLY one -

just now...i called my sweetheart..
s0 long not hearing any news about him..=(
hurm..he involved in accident few days ag0..
alhmdulillah hes ok...but with minor injury..
pity on myLove...but hopefully..everything will be fine 4 him....

he did ask me..d0 i have someone else??
did i already have boyfriend since lately i'm rarely contact him..

d0 i??
how could i see other guys while all my heart only LOVE him.....?
how could i looking for someone else while my mind only THINK of him...?
how could i want some else while all i wanted is only him....?

people might think i badly crazy about him..
yes! i think s0..
as my best friend used to say..
"its obviously that i've fallen for him...totally fall for him"
i once cried heavily when something unexpected happened between us..
and my friend said....
"...seriously..u love him too much! .."

what should i do..
i can't keep him off of my mind..
though....i'm not text or call him for days...
but....hes always cross my mind...always!
and always will be ~
it simply because....

1:50am, 20/4/2011

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