Monday, January 10, 2011

:: My Pets ::

I l0ve animal s0 damn much!
s0metimes.. i feel like...hard t0 live without 'em..
t0 some people.. animal can bring harm t0 them..
and it is a fact that animal really does...
but what t0 do...i just like animal..
especially cats...hammy..and the like..
these picts are all my pets..and the hamsters are being
look after by me at my hostel..ihihi

look alike...^^,
-these tw0 cats were found in the shop far away from our house..we decided t0 adopted them since they look so cute and pure- ihihi..t0tally white cats!

- first time we met etot & gem0L -

                                           ..they are s0 pampered and we love them s0 much..

My 1st Hammy. <1st year, 2nd semester>
Actually..this hamster was given by my fren.. initially, i'm not really interested at hamsters..but my fren asked me t0 give a shot.. after trying few weeks to look after this hamster.. i bec0me interested to make it as my hobby.. and i named her..MICHY..ihihi...

< 3rd Year, 1st Sem>
I bought these hamsters right after my michy passed away..<michy getting old and died>
i feel s0 lonely without "fren".s0 i looking 4 a new ones..and i f0und them..ihihi..they r a coupLe.
the black 1 is my gurl..and the brown 1 is my b0y..^^,

 - my sweethearts - ^^,
- their babies..delivered out of nowhere - ahaha

 - onLy fews yg survive -

 -she fall sick..dunno y..all of sudden-
-my Black was about t0 leave me..T_T-
 - my Drown b'c0mes duda -
 - if di lepaskn..explore x igt dunia -

 - my lazy boy..super duper lazy -
- kal0 da membute...makan pun smbil baring-

My present hamster..
i just adopted him about few weeks ag0 afta my drown passed away..
this very small..yet s0 aggressive and active..

- my Her0 yg sangat kecik..and c0meL- ihihi ^^,

Frosty, a persian cat was given by my mum's friend. Fr0sty really need high maintainance for its shamp0o, hair conditioner, special combs, hair dryer, towels, accessories and many more..uhuhu.. his former owner has a kid wh0 allergic t0 cat..s0 here u g0 fr0sty.....^^,

Vicky is a female...s0 emo cat! als0 given by my mum's fren.i dunn0 why they l0ve t0 throw away their cat at our house.. coz probably its obvious that we are really love cats. ^^, but n0w..vicky is staying at my neighbour's house..maybe..she is afraid being flirt by Frosty..ahaks..

- em0 gurl..s0 kerek and s0 sombong..but we still l0ve u ^_^ - 

Not onLy mum's fren als0 gave us rabbit..we named it Ebit..^_^

These two turtles was given by my fren as a gift on my birthday..but..s0ry t0 say..i d0n't like it at all.. uhuhu.. s0 i asked my best fren to look after them..few weeks later..both died.. its n0t my fault.. perhap my friend's fault..uhuhu

This is my c0co.. i love him s0 much... but 1 day.. my br0 hit him by car..and he g0t severe injury.. he was able t0 survive for a few months b'4 he g0ne..T_T

These cats are among appa (appa stand for papa..that we call for male cats) at my hostel...ihihihi

- this is my appa -

- even muka nmpk apa degok ttp manja - ihihi

in short.. i love animal like crazy.. even they can't really tell & show their feeling.. but.. i believed..they know that i love them s0 much..eheheh...

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