Wednesday, November 30, 2011

:: Finally ::

You used to say this to me~ do u remember? u promised me that u're not goin to leave me~ u will love me till the end~ so whats now?? everything leads to the end.. nothing i cant d0 since ur feeling totally changed by now... =(

what to do? u leave me behind while someone come close to ur side.... i feel badly sad! freakin sad like there is no happiness for tomorrow~ why u made so much promises while u are still searching for someone else? :'( i'm not easily being cheated~ i just trust u cause i really  TRUST you...

now...obviously u're truly happy with ur beloved one.. whilst me still thinking about you. keep missing you~  honestly.... i REALLY don't have any idea how to 'remove' your from my life..definitely not as a friends.. but as a someone who used to love me so much~ 

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